Microtopping is a polymer-cement application used to "coat" walls, floors and furniture. Ideal for new construction and renovation.

Microtopping creates atmosphere and makes any interior unique in concrete look.

In Texture Painting we design different effects thanks to various application techniques, colors and smudges, always with texture. Each project is therefore a unique realization.

What makes polished concrete special are the subtle color nuances and industrial character.

This is perfectly matched by Microtopping.


Microtopping is versatile: Due to its aesthetic and easy-care qualities, microtopping is suitable for homes, stores, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, museums and public spaces. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and, in addition to its many floor uses, is also perfect for covering vertical surfaces as long as the surface is even, stable and flat. 

In addition to easy maintenance and durability, the main feature of microtopping is its ability to create continuous, seamless surfaces. If that wasn't enough, Microtopping can even cover furniture to create a more continuous, minimal and contemporary atmosphere. Seats, tables, lamps: microtopping really does cover everything! Whether you are an individual, designer or architect, microtopping gives free rein to your creativity.

Looking for a seamless finish on your walls, floors or furniture?

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Microtopping surfaces are a work of craftsmanship, made entirely by hand: it is mixed manually by our Texture Painting technicians, all of whom are trained certified microtopping placers.