Would you like to give your interior an extra boost with the unique, raw look of concrete? Then Architop is the perfect finish for your floors. With Architop we create a floor in concrete look, without effectively working with a concrete floor. In a nutshell, the minimalist look of concrete, with the class of a designer floor!

Where with a traditional concrete floor you quickly work with a thickness of 7 cm, Architop gives us the possibility to create a high-quality, stylish floor with the characteristic look of concrete with a minimum thickness of 3 mm. This ensures that this floor is very flexible to implement in almost any space, both new construction and renovation.


Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it

Architop is a unique and artisanal product. The "imperfect" look creates a high-end, "one of a kind" interior.

Everything is fully customized to your interior. The product is handcrafted, in butterfly technique, spread with the knife, giving the floor the distinctive cloud effect of a concrete floor. In addition to the choice of color, you can also choose to treat Architop with certain acids to give the floor an even more exclusive feel.


  • Seamless design: exclusive style combined with ease of maintenance
  • Can be applied very thinly
  • High wear resistance
  • Perfectly applicable in combination with underfloor heating


Since Architop can be used both internally and externally , it creates unseen possibilities for high-end indoor-outdoor interiors. By extending the floor from inside to outside, we create peace and continuity throughout the entire space.

In addition, Architop is ideal for renovating existing floors, since it can be applied over the existing floor in many cases. Architop allows you to overcome the thickness and weight limits of traditional concrete, while maintaining its beauty and robustness. 

The effect obtained is that of a continuous, seamless surface that meets the flooring demands of not only modern minimalist homes, but also industrial-style lofts, public spaces, exhibitions and commercial spaces.