Microtopping is practical to maintain and has a natural feel. The ideal floor to use in all your spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Microtopping allows you to cover even larger areas and floors in one piece seamlessly, without gaps or interruptions, where with other "cement" floors you still have to subdivide the connecting areas to prevent cracking or tearing. In addition, microtopping is also usable over underfloor heating.

New construction

Looking for a seamless solution in your new construction? Microtopping makes any interior unique, is ideal in a modern and minimal environment and at the same time can enrich a country or rustic style with a stylish accent.


Looking for a modern solution in your renovation project? Microtopping, with its 2 to 4 mm thickness, is also extremely suitable for applying over existing surfaces such as tiles in renovations The tiles are sanded evenly and microtopping is applied to them.

Outdoor use

Pull your interior outwards. Microtopping naturally does not discolor when water is left on it and is durable & wear-resistant. This also makes the polymer-cement floor suitable for outdoor use. Open up your living room or kitchen by extending microtopping flooring to your concrete patio.