Maintenance advice

Texture Painting hopes you enjoy your Microtopping. To ensure the best appearance, we would like to give you some maintenance advice.


Easy care

Known for its ease of maintenance, Microtopping is easy and almost effortless to care for.

Recommended cleaning products

For both standard and thorough maintenance, we recommend you use the products supplied. We will be happy to explain how to use them in the videos below.

Always avoid the use of acidic, granular or residual cleaning products. These will damage the finish over time.

By following these care tips you will keep your Microtopping surface in top condition and enjoy optimal comfort year after year.

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Instruction videos

Microtopping - Benefits in maintenance

Shower - Standard maintenance (weekly)

Shower - Thorough maintenance (monthly)

Shower - Maintenance of floor and gutter

Wash basin - Standard maintenance (weekly)

Wash basin - Thorough maintenance (monthly)

Bathroom floor - Standard maintenance (weekly)

Bathroom floor - Thorough maintenance (monthly)