Picture yourself stepping into the grandeur of this villa, gracefully nestled in the green suburbs of Antwerp. Upon entering, you'll notice the beautiful wardrobe cabinet finished in our exquisite microtopping, seamlessly blending style and practicality. The impressive staircase hall is done in a matching lime plaster, which creates a harmonious feeling of unity and aesthetic finesse.

Inside, the living spaces are decorated with a stylish lime paint technique that graces both walls and ceilings, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. In the heart of the villa lies its kitchen, carefully finished in microtopping. This functional plaster transforms it into a solid surface, not only adding an air of sophistication but also making maintenance a breeze.

An absolute eyecatcher in the dining area, is our “signature Texture Painting” table. This unique piece of furniture was completely customized and impeccably finished with microtopping, which pairs a rugged elegance with ease of upkeep.

As you make your way to the bathroom, you'll be charmed by the stylish microtopping finishes that effortlessly complement the luxurious wooden elements and natural stone in the room. This unique high class residence, where every room offers a soothing sense of tranquility, beautifully showcases our meticulous craftsmanship and the beauty that can found in imperfection.