Come in and discover this enchanting vacation home in the beautiful Port Grimaud, just a stone's throw away from Saint-Tropez. This three-story residence has been masterfully crafted to form a unified and elegant whole. With a philosophy rooted in minimalism, we create an ambiance of serenity that effortlessly amplifies the sense of space.

The staircase, a pivotal architectural element, serving as the backbone of this sanctuary, was finished in a beautiful and refined microtopping. The surfaces throughout the rest of the residence are coated in a high quality medium grain lime plaster. The color palette of this texture, entirely custom-made, adds a unique touch to this luxurious home.

The microtopping used in the bathroom, goes in perfect harmony with the luxurious natural stone and fine veneers within this space. Aside from its aesthetics, our seamless microtopping is also known to be a great finishing because of its ease of maintenance.

Thanks to the inspiring collaboration with architect and client, we were able to create a residence that is more than just a holiday hideaway. It becomes a place where serenity meets luxury, and where every space is a testament to raw and imperfect beauty.