In the picturesque town of Stavelot (BE), we recently finished a beautiful project, completely in microtopping, bringing a distinct charm to the entire residence. Our innovative technique was used to cover the staircase, all bedrooms and their en suite bathrooms, featuring floors that smoothly transition into the showers, creating a harmonious flow. These microtopping finishes blend perfectly with the natural materials like wood and stone, that are used throughout the different spaces in the house.

In the living area the floor extends in one uninterrupted piece from behind the kitchen to the rear facade of the residence, a testament to thoughtful craftsmanship. Additionally, the kitchen’s backsplash benefits from the ease of maintenance that microtopping offers.

Finally, to top off the interior, the entire house was painted in custom made textures in a color palette inspired by natural pigments. This way, we ensure a cohesive and tranquil, yet luxurious living space.