Come join us on a tour of the extraordinary world of Link21, where artistic brilliance meets pure craftsmanship. In this kaleidoscope of vibrant pigments, every color and texture was tailor-made, ensuring a high class experience that transcends the ordinary.

In the zones with moldings, our artisans have hand-painted and treated each surface in a unique shade of white with natural pigments. The main focus here was the combination of timeless luxury and easy maintenance.

The entrance staircase features a rich burgundy patina, applied to a specially crafted, durable base. Ascending to the first floor, a dark charcoal plastering technique, polished to a brilliant gloss, graces the hallway, creating a lavish ambiance.

The restrooms are a work of art on their own. Crafted with precision, the ladies' restroom in finished in a delicate 'blush' Mayfair plaster, while the gentlemen's counterpart shows sophistication with a 'petrolgreen' shade. All designed with maintenance in mind for these high-traffic functional zones.

Entering the main dining room, we discover a deep shade of Coubergine—our very own Couberdon and aubergine fusion. Crafted with our unique paint and treatment, it shows a luxurious gloss. Amidst this grandeur of the room, the staircase takes center stage with its finishes in Purometallo. Tailored in one of our signature techniques, harmonizing seamlessly with the natural stone, it shows off our dedication to both form and function.

Moving to the top floor, where two circles embrace the ceiling, we decorated the walls with an acoustic plaster in a refined natural color palette. These understated finishes are designed to ensure that the visitor's attention is captivated by the luxurious furniture, creating an ambiance of class and elegance.

Finally, a room neatly tucked away from the general public, that very much captures the imagination: the Secret Dining Room. The clandestine allure of this hidden room is emphasized through the application of Domingue's lime paint, enriched with dark, natural pigments, and finished with our unique wax.

In essence, this complete project demonstrates our unwavering commitment to artistry and craftsmanship. Combining each carefully chosen detail has transformed this project into a true gem, leaving a lasting impression of refined sophistication.