Catering to sophisticated clients with a keen eye for detail, this optician wanted to create an eyewear boutique with as much class and timelessness as their spectacle frames. Needless to say, Texture Painting took on this challenging task with a great deal of gusto.

The ceiling got a beautiful finish with our smooth fine grain paint, creating a seamless and cohesive ambiance throughout the entire place. The walls are coated in our self-developed Beirut plaster technique, a delicate lime plaster that exudes a subtle sense of elegance.

Cabinets, counters, and other furnishings are finished with microtopping, adding to the overall clean and natural look and feel. And finally, at the heart of the store, all the attention goes to the standout centerpiece, finished in our Purometallo bronze.

Infused with our natural pigments and tailored to complement the flooring and natural stone, this boutique radiates refinement, harmony, and timeless beauty.