Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury of this recently renovated villa. To achieve a complete makeover, we used our Soho technique on both the lower and upper floors, from the cupboards to the walls and ceilings, every inch was carefully worked on. Even the smallest details such as the lamps and the dome have been taken care of to enhance the overall ambience.

The bathroom is a true work of art with its beautiful Microtopping finish. By applying this decorative technique to the ceiling, we have created a relaxed sense of continuity, perfect for a wonderful wellness experience. The natural stone floors are also seamlessly covered with Microtopping, giving the entire ground floor a uniform look.

The former office has been transformed into a luxurious bar area, finished with our Soho technique in Lamborghini Green, giving the space a bold and sophisticated touch. The total transformation of this villa has resulted in a true masterpiece, a blend of elegance and modernity that is sure to please the gourmet.