This unique project, commissioned by Michelin-starred chef Roger van Damme, required us to go the extra mile to meet a very tight deadline. The bar area, including the counter and bar cabinet, features exquisite Microtopping finishes. We used our Soho technique on the walls in a combination of light and dark to complete the cohesive and sophisticated look of the space.

Around the corner from the bar area, the washroom maintains the same level of elegance and attention to detail. The toilet and washbasin unit are impeccably finished with microtopping, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic throughout.

Whilst always striving for excellence, the extra challenge on this project was the extremely tight timescale due to the closure and subsequent re-opening of the restaurant (which was fully booked). Despite this added level of complexity, we prioritised even the smallest details without compromising on quality. We worked closely with Weygers to bring this vision to life, resulting in a remarkable collaboration of expertise and craftsmanship.