Being big fans of indoor-outdoor concepts ourselves, we are thrilled to share our newest project with you, where our main focus was to “simply” bring the outdoors inside. A standout feature of this project is our custom-made “Kyoto” technique, which employs a unique blend of clay and mud with natural pigments. This technique has been thoughtfully applied throughout the entire house, providing a cohesive and organic aesthetic.

In the master bathroom, we used microtopping combined elegantly with natural stone, creating a luxurious retreat for the owners. The children’s bathroom also features a complete microtopping finish, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

For the flooring at the rear entrance, we implemented our “fifty-fifty” technique, offering both functionality and visual appeal. Additionally, the kitchen cabinets are adorned with a natural lime finish, adding a touch of rustic charm to the modern kitchen design. In the living area, we crafted the custom-made tables, perfectly tailored to fit the space and enhance the room’s unique character.

While working in close collaboration with the owner and interior architect we were able to narrate a complete story through color and texture, creating a seamless blend between the indoor spaces and the natural beauty surrounding the property.